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 Company for tools (sale, production) in ČAČAK, Serbia | Mobil Mikra

Mobil Mikra

Serbian Name: Mobil Mikra

Company for tools (sale, production) in ČAČAK

Address (street and number): Ulica 44 br. 10, Ljubić
Post number: 32103
City: ČAČAK (Serbia)
GPS coordinates: 43.905391,20.358911
Telephone(s): 032/353-278, 064/134-8301

Call number for Serbia is +381 if you see numbers which starts with 0 (like 011/555-555), you have to dial +381 11 555 555

Web address:
Short description: The main activity is the manufacture of tools for plastic, ferrous metal, tools for punching and bending sheet metal, tools for making tablets, thermoforming..

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